Stop Using Email for Sending B2B Documents

Is manually sending and receiving B2B documents such as purchase orders and invoices causing supply chain issues? Need to start utilizing Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs)?

Extend Electronic Trading to 100% of Your Supply Chain

Typically, only the top tier of the supply chain is able to achieve true electronic trading compliance with EDI, leaving 70-80% of the supply chain sending mission critical business documents via PDFs and email. ChainLink SRM is designed to bridge that gap and extend the benefits of full electronic trading compliance to 100% of your suppliers.

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Why Use ChainLink SRM?

Eliminate Paper Trading in Your Supply Chain

Your back-office ERP sees suppliers using ChainLink SRM as fully EDI compliant electronic trading partners so you can manage your entire supply chain electronically to reduce staff time and overhead activities, free up resources for other tasks, eliminate processing backlogs, improve collaboration, and dramatically improve your network security.

Manage the Suppliers of Your Suppliers in Real Time with Process Automation

Getting to the root of a supplier quality issue can often mean dealing with the suppliers of your suppliers. Using ChainLink SRM, you can extend the benefits electronic trading to second and third tier suppliers to complete processes such as Root Cause and Corrective Action in a structured environment with send and receipt tracking using custom forms according to your business process needs.

Go Beyond the Limitations of Traditional EDI

Do you need to send business documents that aren’t supported by current EDI standards? The scope of B2B collaboration regularly exceeds what traditional EDI can handle. That’s why we designed ChainLink SRM to support messaging and delivery of non-standard business data types to facilitate mission critical business processes such as Reject/RMA, field service activities, and more from within a standard internet browser. 

Bells and Whistles

Product Features...

Document Forwarding and Actions

Add the element of business process to your B2B collaboration activities with the ability to forward and route business documents to a specific user in your organization for approvals, requesting more information, or reassigning a business document. 

Multiple User Logins

Give each person in your organization a login to support automated document routing and document forwarding across teams and even departments.

Custom Forms

Make your electronic business documents match your current forms to maintain the business document format that your suppliers are already comfortable using. 

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Use Case


Matching production goals with distributor and consumer orders while balancing inventory and orders for raw materials, goods, and services from suppliers are demanding tasks. Why risk critical business communications over fax machines, email, and physical delivery – never knowing if critical orders arrive at their destination and are received on time? Integrating your suppliers and distributors with your business systems is key to maintaining a competitive advantage through streamlining operations.

Free Resource

Curious how ChainLink SRM might make your life better? Check out this free resource: Solving Six Supplier Quality Issues with ChainLink SRM.

ChainLink SRM is completely scalable because it uses a single map per document type regardless of the size of your supplier network. 

Maintain a single access point in your firewall while tightly integrating mission-critical 3rd party users but keep them securely outside your network.

ChainLink SRM does not replace existing ERP, back office, or EDI systems; it augments and extends their benefits to your manual suppliers.

Reduce staff time and overhead activities, free up resources for other tasks, eliminate processing backlogs, and dramatically improve your network security.

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